Thursday, April 28, 2011


Two years ago, I read You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. This book was my gateway drug into the seedy underworld of self-help. One day, I'm reading about affirmations and how powerful my thoughts are and the next thing I know, I'm literally talking to angels, drinking "solar water" from blue glass bottles to reconnect with my "inner child," using terms like "inner child" (which evokes images of an angry, feral girl in a dirty linen dress who is not very happy with me), believing people who write about being channels for the Divine, poking myself in the chest while looking in the mirror and enthusiastically shouting "I win!," tapping on my face to release old energy/negative patterns, sitting in the Silence for at least 10 minutes a day... and this barely scratches the surface of changes I've made and techniques I have tried. I truly appreciate all the people I have read and the insights they have offered and I apologize for all the times I have yelled at them in my mind and out loud because it wasn't clicking for me or because I disagreed with them and didn't think that was allowed or because they contradicted themselves or each other and all I wanted were some simple truths that I could hang my hat on and coast through life with. A vast majority of these writers say that whatever we believe becomes the truth for us in the conditions and experiences of our lives. With this as my premise, I will put forth my Belief Proclamation and I encourage you to create your own - making it from scratch or flat out stealing from any person you like or admire and anything they have ever done or said or written that you want to be true for you and your life.

Belief Proclamation
1. Everything I love comes easily to me now, including beautiful & helpful people, love, profuse money, creative expression, my perfect body & health, and my right work.
2. Life is absurdly and delightfully simple and easy.
3. Everything is constantly getting better and it's really easy to mark my progress. 
4. Laughing and having fun are the most important objectives today and every day.
5. Only doing what I want to do makes everybody really happy.
6. When people say "You can't do that," what they really mean is "Isn't it great that we're all so powerful, capable, and free?"
7. Spending time in beautiful  natural settings and listening to beautiful pieces of music over and over can be 2 of the most important things I do to contribute to the elevation of humanity.
8. The fact that I'm on earth and breathing are enough to remind me that I deserve perfect love, joy, health, peace, prosperity, satisfaction, and a thrilling relationship with all creation. 
9. People are talking about me ... and they're saying the most wonderful things!
10. Everything is so beautiful, right and easy now; regardless of what came before, it was all worth it to be where I am now.

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