Tuesday, July 12, 2011


When we are making changes in our lives or pursuing a more expansive way of life through increased success and wealth, we're bound to have people in our lives who get uncomfortable with this and resistance can come up strong. To make it easier on yourself, realize that your loved ones are contending with their own fears and limitations, just as you do with yours. Bless them. Praise them. Affirm that they experience something that turns them on to their own power and abilities. Carve out a space for yourself that no one but you has access to - a place where you know, with utter conviction, that you are undaunted, limitless, and unstoppable. Do it anyway. Prove yourself to yourself. Don't wait for support and applause. There are countless reasons why someone may not respond with joy to your changes, progress or success. Some reasons might be: 1) they're afraid you'll change so much that you won't be compatible anymore. 2) They're uncomfortable with change because it's scary and uproots established norms and habits. 3) Your action/success could reveal a deficit in their own life in this realm. 4) The tendency to complain will be compromised when things go well, and some of us really love to complain. 5) It might challenge their notions that certain things can't be done, shouldn't be done, that it has to be a struggle, that we don't get/aren't allowed to live the lives meant for us (and the lives meant for us entail great health, success, wealth, joy, love and connection to others); that it's somehow dangerous or unethical or frightening to accomplish our dreams and achieve our goals. 6) They may fear you won't need them anymore, or even like them. 7) It might challenge beliefs they have had since childhood that are so woven into them that they feel these beliefs are their identity - and who would they be without them? Possibly someone they don't recognize and that can be disconcerting and discombobulating.
So in the face of these (and a myriad of other possibilities I haven't mentioned), my suggestions to you are:
Persist. Press on. Believe. Keep faith. Keep sweet. Keep cool. Insist. Don't fear upsetting the balance. Some people may see your choices as an affront to them and their lives. Remember: it's your life, not theirs. If you feel discouraged, know that your manifestations are all happening underground, developing on the invisible plane. You are loved, guided, and protected by powerful, unseen forces who will never abandon you. If you have moments or days when you're not getting what you need from human sources, be aware of the unseen grace and love that is always with you, supporting you.
For wise counsel on navigating your relationships while pursuing your life purpose, I highly recommend the book Wishcraft by Barbara Sher.

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  1. Awesome post! I think you hit the nail on the head with people's reasoning behind responses. Love you! xoxo